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Get to know us a little better

Infokus offers you full - featured

photography and video packages!

Our team consists of professionals , greatly anticipating to work and collaborate in high quality artistic environments, driven by
passion and evolutional concern about the craft.

Our equipment is up - to - dated and produces

high - resolution  imagery.   



Modern business cannot be out of season. It needs

to have renewed high resolution photos and videos

to attract the consumer.

This will allow them to share them on their website

and social media, which are now the main way to reach a customer.

We want to accomplish your vision

so that your business can be upgraded and more competitive!


 We treat each project individually with care and proper management, always seeking the best result! Our team is fully trained with relevant studies and experience in each subject.

We find inspiration in every project and build around this series of photos and videos!

Finally, our passion and love for photography, video and the overall promotion of your business are also reflected in the final material!

Meet The Team


Menelaos Primerakis

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Director, Editor


Dimitrios Kardogeros

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CEO, Production Manager


ManosKalafatelis-Profile copy 3.jpg

Manos Kalafatelis

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Photographer, Cinematographer

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