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We’re storytellers with purpose – and we never stand still.

We embrace the latest ideas, technology, techniques, and delivery methods to make your project special, whatever the budget.

Our professional team of creatives can generate engaging photography, design & video production assets from the ground up, handling the entire process from concept to final delivery.

If you have a vision to share, an image to build, a special day you want captured, or a story to tell, please give Infokus 

a chance to tell it.  

What we do


With a great deal of passion and commitment, coupled with a profound sense for photography,we will put your products and objects

in the right light.

We will provide you with professional guidance throughout the entire process, from the very first concept of your photo production,

all the way to the delivery of your images. Together, we will develop the perfect image concept

that will present your images

in the best way.



We create television and

motion picture content.

From developing and producing

TV content and movies to providing crews, equipment and know-how for independent producers and major networks,

we do high-end production.  


Advertising! We do commercials, spots, ads, promos…

whether it’s traditional, viral, broadcast, or web, we help you reach your customers.

Image spots, direct response,

30 seconds or 30 minutes…

bring  your concept and script to us or let us develop creative for you;

we know how to make it happen.



Whether it’s to reach business partners down the street

or you’re reaching out to your clients around the world,

you need to tell your story and communicate ideas effectively.

As an experienced production company,

we create dynamic,creative content

to serve your needs.

Let us help you tell your story clearly with imagination                and in a way people respond to.

  • For brands, that means helping you put your best foot forward in the marketplace.

  • For corporations, it means we will communicate your message with clarity, creativity and integrity.

  • For content creators, our crews will use their experience and skills to sculpt your message, whether the medium is film, video, audio, graphic design or the written word.


Let's create

great content


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