Red Blue Guide  


The beauty of the sea combined with acrobatics and dance led to this video dedicated to a Greek-Turkish collaboration. is an internet platform that hosts and promotes Greek and Turkish Businesses , while addressing everyone, visitors of any nationality, helping them with whatever their need (personal or professional) in either country,

GREECE and TURKEY, concerning products or services.

When the two bodies coexist and dance together

the composition is complete!

Directed by Menelaos Primerakis & Dimitrios Kardogeros

DOP : Manos Kalafatelis

Edit : Menelaos Primerakis & Dimitrios Kardogeros

Color Grading : Menelaos Primerakis

Production Manager : Dimitrios Kardogeros

Performers Stella Stefou & Michalis  Doulkeridis

Special Thanks to Thanasis Baxevanis for the sailing boat.